We are generally a Day & Night Ticket fishing complex based on a “first come – first served” approach, with swims generally available on all lakes, day & night, subject to whole lake bookings. See below.


  • Exclusive, Private Whole Lake Sessions
  • Available 7 days-a-week
  • Minimum 48 hours
  • Maximum 8 Anglers
  • Optional gate locking for additional privacy and security
  • ONLY £350 (48 Hours, eg Friday 1800 to Sunday 1800). Longer bookings available.
  • ONLY £250 – December, January & February
  • Available for day/night ticket, first come- first served, when not booked.

Brook Lake

NO BOOKING – Day & Night Ticket Only – “first come – first served”

Swims always available

Moat & Park Lakes

  • Specific Swims bookable – MINIMUM 10 swims (must run consecutively)
  • Check Swim locations – Lake Layout
  • Day/Night Ticket Rate
  • Paid in advance (by BACS)
  • Whole Lake Bookings available

Please contact Kelly – with: –

  • Preferred Lake
  • Date/Time of arrival and departure
  • Swim numbers (must run consecutively, not required for Osiers)
  • Mobile contact number


If the lake is not shown as booked below, it’s available  for both whole lake booking, and “first come, first served” day & night ticket.

Osiers – ALREADY BOOKED ON the following dates/times.

Friday 21st January 1800 to Sunday 23rd January 1800

Thursday 24th February 1800 to Saturday 26th February 1800

Friday 8th April 1800 to Sunday 10th April 1800

Brook Lake

All day/night Ticket

First come, first served

Swims always available

Moat Lake

Sunday 1st May, 0600 – 1800, All Swims

Saturday 18th June, 0600 – 1800, All Swims

Sunday 1st August, 0600 – 1800, All Swims

Park Lake

All day/night ticket

First come – first served

Swims always available

Please note this page is updated regularly as bookings are taken.

Your Safety & Security

A Car Park Barrier will be closed between 8pm and 6am each night.

Entrance onto the fishing lakes will not be possible during this time. You can leave at any time.

All anglers are to park in the Fishing Car Park. Any vehicles parked elsewhere will be removed or clamped with a £100 release fee.

Season Tickets

The annual season ticket will allow you to fish at anytime (subject to availability), 24 hours a day, 365 days-a-year on all four lakes, including the specimen Osiers. The ticket will run for one-year from any chosen date and will cost £250 (Juniors £130). The Season Ticket does not include any pre-booking on any of the lakes.

Please complete the “Season Ticket Application Form”, or contact Kelly at for details.